Friday, January 24, 2014

27 - Temporary Housing

We had a minor freeze here in Houston last night.  And because this is the south, that pretty much shut everything down.  They canceled school and the kids got a day off.  My company wasn't quite as accommodating - they said we didn't have to come into the office but they expected us to work from home.  (The Internet has its drawbacks, folks.)  So I commandeered my wife's library for an office for the day.  I love this room.  My brother put a lovely finish on a bunch of floor-to-ceiling bookcases for me over the summer and we got a nice desk and chair for the room, so it's an awesome place to work or play.  Certainly much nicer than my office at work.  The only downer was this was one of Edison favorite rooms to sleep in during his final year, so from time to time I would find myself looking into the emptiness of his corner of the room and I'd get sad again.

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