Saturday, January 4, 2014

7 - Feather

Fate was conspiring against me today.   I had something of a plan.  I brought my "take everywhere" camera to date night tonight with the wife with the intention of grabbing my daily photo either at dinner or at the fancy schmancy megaplex movie theater they have here in town.  A jazz trio was playing at the restaurant and there was a decent angle near the drummer to get what I thought would be a good shot.  No dice - the battery went dead just after I turned the camera on.  (By the way, the movie we saw The Hunger Games - Catching Fire.  Other than an overly melodramatic ending, it was actually quite good!)  We got home and I intended to get a photo of the boys peering through the railing on the staircase, but they weren't having it.  The boys weren't cooperating, I was getting very testy, and the photos just sucked.  So then I started getting desperate.  I started looking through the house for stuff to put together a still life.  Of the few dozen attempts, this one of the peacock feather was the one I liked best.  I think I need to start stockpiling ideas for the days when I'm creatively dry...

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