Sunday, March 2, 2014

64 - Rocketeers

I had picked out an interesting activity from The Dangerous Book for Boys to do with my kids this weekend - making marbled paper (the swirly printed paper they use to line hardcover books). Unfortunately Hobby Lobby didn't carry marbling ink, so I had to figure out a Plan B. Browsing around the store, I found a kit for a water bottle rocket.  I've seen instructions for making your own but this kit had all the parts and it looked easy, so I picked it up for $20. Too often, cheap toys that sound really cool on paper end up being a disappointment. But this rocket greatly exceeded expectations. It worked exactly as advertised, soaring up to around 90 feet. The boys loved it and so did I. We mixed in a short lecture on air pressure and the physics of action and reaction. But mostly, we just loved launching the thing.

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