Tuesday, March 4, 2014

66 - Frozen Bud

We had some frozen precipitation last night.  We've had two days this year where they've called off school when there was no snow or ice to be seen, but today when we actually get some, school is still on.  I think they've used up their scheduling slack and don't want to have to figure out how to make up any additional bad weather days.  In any case, some of the bushes in the back yard were covered in ice which always looks interesting.

Photogeek Talk:  Bokeh is a term for the subjective beauty of the portions of a photo that are out of focus.   The word is a phonetic spelling of the Japanese term boke, which means blur.  The optical characteristics of a lens determine the quality of its bokeh.  There are several specific things that photographers look for in judging bokeh, but the simple version is that good bokeh looks smooth and creamy while bad bokeh looks jumbled and jittery.  Like I said, this is a subjective thing.  Anyway, this photo has a shallow depth of field from a combination of proximity to the subject, a relatively large aperture (f/4), and a relatively long focal length (70mm).  Bokeh is key in a shot like this because so much of the image is outside the focus area.  Most of my lenses have reputations for good, but not great, bokeh ("cream machine" lenses tend to be very expensive).  That said, I'm very pleased, and frankly a little surprised, by the blur in this photo.  It's quite nice, if I say so myself.  Looks more expensive than it is.

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