Saturday, March 8, 2014

70 - Their First Set Of Wheels

It was a birthday party weekend. First we went to a friend's birthday party at the skating rink. I had forgotten how hard it is to learn to skate! I figured the boys would take right to it but it took awhile. As I was helping them and watching them struggle, I remembered: When you first get on skates you try to walk. And because you're on wheels, walking is incredibly precarious. So you try to walk carefully which makes things worse. It's not until you decide, "Screw it, I don't care if I fall" that you really make progress. Then you start letting yourself roll more freely instead of trying to control it so much. That's the way it worked for me anyway. The boys were really struggling with it until we rented some "walkers" for them. We didn't have those when I was a kid but it's a pretty brilliant idea. It's a walker on wheels. It keeps them from falling over but at the same time it gets them used to the feeling of being on wheels. By the end, my youngest one was letting go of the walker and letting himself roll. I think one more session (if I don't wait too long for it) and they'll have it down.

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