Sunday, March 16, 2014

78 - Cherubs

Sometimes angels can be stinkers.  ;-)

I had intended to do a portrait of one of the boys using a "soft clamshell" lighting - an overhead softbox and a reflector underneath to lighten the shadows. The original idea was to place him in the middle of a room and nuke the ambient light by using a faster shutter speed so the background would be black. But while I was setting up, I saw the print of Raphael's  La Madonna di San Sisto (actually, it's a portion of that famous painting) that we have in our bedroom and the idea struck me. I got a kitchen chair for D to stand on to get him to the right height. The juxtaposition of his mischievous grin with the angel's innocent expression was planned, but the placement of the angel wings was just a fortunate accident.

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