Friday, March 7, 2014

69 - Life In The Bayou

Today I'm enjoying a day off. Originally, the plan was to spend a good portion of the day at my kids' school where they're holding Spring parties for the various classes. But that activity was cut short by my older son getting sick yesterday. Still, I did spend some time at the school with my younger son. Afterward, I took a drive looking for my daily picture. This photo is of a really nice little pond near the jogging trails not far from the school. There are several spots like this in my neighborhood, which is obviously very pleasant. Lest you start feeling too at peace, however, every one has signs warning you to watch for alligators and poisonous snakes! I've never actually seen either in the neighborhood ponds, but it's still makes this desert boy a little uneasy when I get near the water.

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